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Good game

Very good game


Très bien. Mais le coût des terrains devient beaucoup trop cher.



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Perfekt Online Game 5 Stars




Its an ok game but many flaws. It is a money grab first thing. Many of the moves can takes months because you gave to build up for expansion space which cost way to much money. It is impossible to move things around since there is no neutral space to put things in.

Intriguing Game.

If you have the time to put in, then this would be a game for you. It has great strategical combat parts, and great visual upgrades to your civilization. The colors and graphics are pretty great for what we are given. It would get five stars, but they just need to give new comers a bit more push in the beginning to make them stay with it. Overall great game though!

Great game

The game great there is alot of things to do but be warn it is a money grab for the most part.

New Upgrade is great

This game just added the Guild Expeditions option which is a new challenging strategy option that you and your friends can play to quickly grow your guild. Lots of people say this games a money grab but if you are patient you do not need to spend any money.Everything just takes a little longer but then the rewards are more rewarding when you finally get it.

Forge of empires

This is a great game

Great game

Really Inno? Youre stooping to the new low of putting pictures on the AppStore that arent even from the game. Really? I absolutely adore this game though. However, I wish you would hurry up and add guild versus guild battles on mobile, along with the treasure hunt. As much as I hate what Inno is doing, I would recommend this game to anyone, and would give it four stars if Inno was using pictures from the game on the App Store. However until then Im only going to give it one star.

Good, but...... Getting way to expensive to buy diamonds

Tough to progress

Great game

Highly recommended game, please can we get to change our name if our city, not the name of the leader


Funny Game. Its Great!

Great game

Can enjoy benefits without spending an arm and leg!

Addictive and Fun

Tons of fun, what a great bit of fun!


I freaking love this game!!

Nice game

Very good game! Have alot of fun and nice to follow the evolution!

Love it

Slow to progress but love every minute


The music is soo peaceful and calm, plus, I like game combat mechanic based on turn by turn RTS

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